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Bobby Allyn: Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Intuitive Guide focusing on you. Your Dreams. Your Purpose. Your Joy. Your Choices. Your Relationships. Your Experiences. Your Freedom. Your Passion. Your Wisdom. Your Truth. Your Life.

Discover Your Spiritual Truths
Transform Your Story
Create the Life You Want
Unearth Your Purpose
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What is a Reading?

Bobby interacts with the energy of who you really are. Through conversation and intuition there is discovery about you, with the intent of providing a better understanding of what your inner wisdom dreams of and wants for you. Perhaps you crave a deeper understanding of your life's purpose, how relationships play out for you, or the impact of your personal history. You may have questions as to why something seems to be holding you back, or what hurdle keeps recurring. Bobby focuses on your energy to help you access the answers you have within. 

Bobby Allyn's New Book!

Bobby Allyn partnered with nationally published photographer, Jeff Lorenzen, to create a book filled with spiritually inspired words paired with evocative, rich, photography. Each page offers you a moment to revisit who you really are, and what genuinely sparks your soul.


* Online – Join from Anywhere!! 
 * 90 Minute Group Reading with Questions from the Audience
* Relaxed, Casual, Safe Environment 


Check back for more information.

Currently all meetings are virtual (video).

This one-on-one reading allows the individual to deeply connect with what he/she wants, feels, dreams of. It's a way to get to know, and appreciate, oneself more thoroughly.
This is an intriguing, often entertaining, and always deep session, where partners get to explore each other's wants and dreams, as well as better understand their joint mission.
Galleries are fun, lively events and an excellent way to connect with your friends and family to further understand yourself and each other. Video is an intimate way to connect a group, regardless of distance.
Meet with Bobby! 20 minutes for $45 with Echo Bodine's virtual Aurapaloozal! Whether this is your first reading, or you are looking into what Bobby can do, this quick glimpse at where you are at right now can prove fun and insightful.

The Change You Want

Change is more than inevitable, it is essential to life itself. Change is movement. Movement is energy. Energy is the melody of the life force. What you think determines how you change. Create a practice to think the thoughts that bring joy and the change you want.

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