Bobby Allyn


Ordinary People

It hurts me unrealistically
It truly feels like
Someone is skinning my
Guts inside out

I don’t know why
I’m so sensitive about
Things that are trivial
As other see them

But, somehow it
Deeply wounds me
That they lash out
With pain and loathing

Someone’s tongue
Moves differently
And that someone
Is less than acceptable

Someone’s composition
Varies in form and content
And that someone
Is not valid

Someone’s generations
Span continents instead
Of oceans
Therefore, they are not worthy

It’s just a little thing
Someone else’s blight
Of pain and grief
But, dear god, it hurts so bad

“Who would want a Chick
With a big butt?”
“They should stay home
If they can’t speak English.”

They feel rage and anger
Insulted by this disposition
Offended that her skirt
Is black and tight

Offended that his dark lips
Touched her red lips
Even though they wouldn’t want
Her red lips


Cuz she’s got a big butt
He’s got dark skin
She speaks in dialect
He has scars on his face

She can’t keep a man
He wants it in the butt
He doesn’t even work out
She acts like a man

He’s so broke
She’s too fat
He’s a whimp
She’s too skinny

Rice patty
Kike and dyke

N***** boy
N***** lover
Garlic eating mother fucker

God-damn liberals
Kill pro-choicers
Damn those towel heads
She really jewed him down

I understand it’s their loss
But it hurts me so badly
I want to protect the world
From these ordinary people


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