Bobby Allyn

About Bobby Allyn

As a child, I didn’t know that the things I experienced weren’t commonplace. I thought the people I saw who didn’t speak out loud everybody saw. I thought everyone communicated by looking at hands or the colors, that if you squinted, you could see around a person. I remember watching other kids fall and take a tumble and feeling every bruise and sprain as if they happened to me. It never occurred to me that what my family called being “too sensitive” was the ability to understand natively others’ energy, the energy of their thoughts, feelings and intentions.

By the time I was 7, my mother took me to the family doctor who said my attention-seeking behavior had to stop or they were going to send me away. I felt ashamed and stopped speaking about how I saw things. Ultimately, for about 40 years, I stopped allowing myself to process the world around me energetically.

Yet, these impressions acted almost like a haunting. I couldn’t express them, but they did exist no matter how hard I tried to repress them. Finally, going through a major life transformation, I started to admit that my reality, whether I liked it or not, included a knowledge of others not readily available to most people. I admitted that I am able to see, or experience, others through the energy I see and feel. I am also the recipient of messages that are provided to me from a non-physical source, the Universal Good.  

Since the acceptance of how I see and experience others and events, I feel as if my life had just been waiting for the moment I welcomed and embraced my unique ability, which allows me to communicate with others on a level much more robust than the physical world. Once I accepted myself, and my purpose, my joy exponentially blossomed through the ensuing freedom and expansion self-acceptance allows.  

You have a gift, if not many.
You have a purpose, if not many.
You have a wonderful and fulfilling life available to you.
It starts right here, right now.


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