Bobby Allyn



Courage is confronting your fears and boldly moving beyond them. Courage is recognizing that no one and no doctrine can reduce or eliminate you as a sentient, complete, autonomous, divine eternal being. Your life is your own.


Being sensitive is a way of being aware. It is a way that your body takes in information. It is different than being offended. Being sensitive is how you receive data from the world around you, at whatever level. Being offended is allowing your ego to lead.

Being Authentic

Tap into your feelings to connect directly to your inner wisdom, which is part of universal love. To focus on others’ feelings confuses and disconnects you from your inner wisdom. When you make a decision based on others’ feelings, you will struggle because the feelings are not authentic to you and your inner wisdom.

Act Consciously

You may feel a tug from humanity coaxing you to a point of view or movement. When you feel this tug be aware and act consciously. Only choose to follow the pull if it feels good. If it provokes fear or pain, the tug may not be for you. Will the journey bring you joy or freedom?

As Is

It is tremendously joyful to love someone as they are right now. To love them freely without needing your help, without conditions, without expectations, is liberating. To love another, regardless of status or social context, is uplifting. To love them “as is” is truly beautiful.

Preparing for Change

When your inner wisdom is preparing you for change, you may lose your equilibrium. Understand that when shifting, losing your balance is common. Be aware and patient with yourself. Seeing things from a new perspective can feel unsettling at first, but then the view is amazing.


Letting go of what no longer serves you (relationships, habits, lifestyles) requires faith. Faith is the power behind believing that you deserve to grow. Invoke faith that new passions will emerge. Conjur faith to bring the best of life. At times letting go is essential.

A Broken Heart

A broken heart spawns vulnerability. In this time, think beautiful thoughts, focus on joy, nourish your healing heart. As you bring your heart back together, treat it gently, as if you just made something new and precious. You can become new and improved.

Balance is Connecting

Much of your life is spent with exercises to find balance. You may play with extremes to discover balance and where the edges are. Balance is connecting. Connecting is taking what appears dissimilar and revealing the sameness of being; belonging.

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