Bobby Allyn


A Broken Heart

A broken heart spawns vulnerability. In this time, think beautiful thoughts, focus on joy, nourish your healing heart. As you bring your heart back together, treat it gently, as if you just made something new and precious. You can become new and improved.

Balance is Connecting

Much of your life is spent with exercises to find balance. You may play with extremes to discover balance and where the edges are. Balance is connecting. Connecting is taking what appears dissimilar and revealing the sameness of being; belonging.

When Dreams Come True

You have a dream. You repeatedly feel joyful anticipation as you visualize the dream materializing. Then the day comes when your dream does indeed move into the physical world. If you feel fear, know the fear is there to tell you to pay attention. Something important is happening.

Moving Forward

Keep moving forward. You can crawl, walk, run, dance, or fly. You will stumble. You will fall. You can get up and keep moving forward. The joy of the past is your foundation. The hope of the future is your destination. Release what restrains you. Forward always.

Being Seen

You crave to be seen and understood. It’s a human yearning we all share to some degree. Allowing and accepting yourself for wanting to be seen and understood helps you develop kindness and compassion. The most important person who needs to see you, understand you, and love you, is you.

Imagination and Creativity

You can answer the question “why” when you cannot find the words to explain it by using your imagination. Create imagery around what your inner wisdom knows but your conscious mind has yet to experience. Use your imagination, which is the purest form of creativity.

Believe in Your Body

Believe in your body! Believe in its glorious perfection. Your cells are connected directly to your inner wisdom. Allow your body, therefore yourself, to be free of influences demanding what it “should” be. Allow your body to reflect who you really are.

Just One Thought

Find just one thought that makes you feel a bit better. Take yourself from powerless to insecure, worried to content, hopeful to joyous. Think just one thought, one thing that lights you up, even if it’s just for an instant. Keep reaching for just one better feeling thought.

It’s All You

You do know all. The universe exists inside of you. There you are waiting to be revealed little by little, piece by piece. The faith you seek is for your own infallible wisdom and love. It is you, and you are all wisdom and all love.

Gratitude and Peace

Gratitude leads to your highest good. Even if you have a hard time feeling it, say “thank you.” Think it. Believing will come as you open up to the idea. Even while experiencing pain and chaos, there is something to appreciate and feel grateful for, which leads to peace.

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