Bobby Allyn


On Being A Martyr

I’m not exactly sure when it happened. I’m completely unclear of when I believed, to the point of knowing, that my life was sacrificial. It was a teaching that took shape very young, becoming a thought, then a belief and now it’s so deep inside me that although I have insight that it is not organic to who I am, I’m stymied at how to identify when it happens. I do know that being a martyr is not native to my make up, however it feels wrapped up with each interaction I have…

A Wedding

All of us have witnessed how the tradition of marriage is under a major transformation right now. The days of marital unions for financial security, having kids, social status just doesn’t cut it any more.

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Oneness of Spirit

Perhaps that is the greatest gift of all: someone to float with. Someone whose hand you hold when you are riding high on the wave, and when the bottom seems to fall out. There you are: together. You still have your desires, experiences and dreams; and in marriage you have someone who supports your desires, experiences and dreams and you support theirs.

Minneapolis Burning

I watch the fires burning on TV afraid to go down to the hotspot. I watch the fires burning and I hear my fellow white suburbanites say, “That won’t solve anything. That’s exactly why the police say they’re criminals.”

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