Bobby Allyn

Public Speaking

Bobby is available to speak to large and small groups. As a professionally recognized speaker, Bobby has the innate ability to engage and intrigue audiences offering motivation, inspiration, and an opportunity to awaken each audience member’s profound sense of purpose.

With smaller groups, Bobby engages each individual and  “reads the room” providing an experience that feels personal, directed and purposeful.

Bobby has a natural flow addressing large group mixing humor with poignant messages. She has commented that no matter how prepared she is for a large group, she is constantly amazed at how her connection to the Universal Mind will “go where it needs to go” creating a unique experience that uplifts and encourages participants.

Bobby’s speaking becomes a shared experience for the audience fostering camaraderie and conversation. Regardless of the topic, Bobby will take your group on a journey allowing an open pathway into the Universal Good.

Bobby is also an ordained minister and officiates weddings, transition celebrations (funerals), as well as naming and commitment ceremonies.

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