Bobby Allyn

What Happens in a Reading?

As an intuitive guide and inspirational mentor, Bobby interacts with the energy of who you really are. The focus is on you, about you, and connected to your highest good. You may want to gain a deeper understanding about relationships or events, why you feel a certain way, or maybe you are trying to uncover something that is holding you back. By focusing on your energy, Bobby will help you access the answers that you already have within. 

Bobby may use aides like tarot, palm reading, astrology and numerology, which she considers tools to help focus on you and your energy. These aides may prompt information about what you want to learn, your experiences, and the deep knowing that already exists inside of you, just beyond consciousness.

Bobby may also help you connect with individuals who have transitioned out of their bodies. This may be a conversation you request, or a loved one or benevolent being may ask to communicate with you or send you a message. Bobby does not attract or engage with any negative energies.

In a quiet, uninterrupted setting, Bobby will work with you to understand the deep wisdom you have within. The session consists of talking and exchanging information. The conversations are judgement free and the goal is to allow you to unleash your dreams waiting to be born.

“You have a wonderful and fulfilling life available to you.

It starts right here, right now.”

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